NelDerm HeelP.O.D.™ Pressure Offloading Device

(Includes Optional Positioning Wedge)

HeelP.O.D. works to heal and prevent pressure injuries on your foot. HeelP.O.D. is designed to effectively elevate the heel in a way that other devices or pillows cannot. The conforming memory foam and single strap enclosure not only keep heels clean and dry, but these design features also prevent the foot from resting on surfaces that could cause or worsen painful wounds.

How To Measure: Measure the circumference of your leg directly centered between the ankle and calf muscle.


(order quantity 2 for use on both legs)

Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

Return Policy:
Returns for these reasons: wrong size was shipped, product was shipped in error altogether or items were damaged out of box, such products must be received at NelDerm within 45 days of receiving the product in order to qualify for full credit.

Any other returns outside of these reasons must be unopened in original packaging and received at NelDerm within 45 days of receiving the product.

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