About Us

Our Mission: 

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It holds bodily fluids in and keeps harmful microbes out, acting as a protective covering. Statistically, 60-70% of women and 50-60% of men report having some degree of sensitive skin. NelDerm® has acknowledged the issue and is continually innovating and reinventing solutions to make you comfortable again in your own skin.

About NelDerm:

NelDerm® develops and distributes dressings for treating various types of wounds, securing IV lines, and collaborations with wearable medical technology companies. NelDerm’s patent-pending technology makes it the first ever island dressing with a hydrogel border. This incorporation of a water-based adhesive makes the unique wound dressings hypoallergenic, comfortable, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and most importantly, reduces trauma upon removal. NelDerm’s mission is to improve wound care especially for those with fragile, sensitive, or allergically reactive skin. 

Ideal Customer:

NelDerm® Wound Dressings provide a truly hypoallergenic alternative in wound care, based upon careful research and development. They are an ideal solution for any patient with sensitive or fragile skin. This ranges from pediatrics to geriatrics and anyone in-between who is looking to find enhanced comfort in their wound care management. 

NelDerm Story:

While in high school, company owner Kevin Nelson was tasked to invent or innovate a product for their schools project fair. Kevin knew he wanted to create a device that individuals could benefit from. After hearing that a relative was struggling with reactions to current wound care products, Kevin saw an opportunity within the market. He quickly learned that those with fragile and sensitive skin were not receiving the wound care they deserved. This is when he had the idea of creating a hypoallergenic bandage. Subsequently, Kevin began researching cutting edge technology that would propel wound care for these individuals. Through countless hours of trialing and prototyping, Kevin found his alternative to the current options, which soon after became NelDerm's "secret sauce." 

NelDerm is now in their 6th year of operation. The company continues to grow on a daily basis and is expanding the team along the way. We are proud to serve those with unique skin care needs, and will continue to advance research within the wound care space. 

**NelDerm Proudly Sources and Manufactures all products within the US**


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